Stanodex-300 60ml

Stanodex-300 60ml

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Stanodex-300™ Liquid Prohormone


Stanodex is an all-natural, maximum potency anabolic enhancer from Platinum Nutra.  It contains Epiandrosterone, a legal hormone precursor to the super androgen Stanolone.  It's high libido and strength boosting benefits together with its low estrogenic conversion make it a clean alternative to harsher products on the market, yet dosed high enough to still be an extremely effective addition to your normal stack.


5a-Androstan-3b-ol-17-one (Epiandrosterone)


Anabolic Adrenal Metabolite


Epiandrosterone, sometimes also called Beta-Androsterone, is a DHEA metabolite and precursor to potent androgenic hormones.  Hormones like the banned steroids Androstanediol and Stanolone (aka: DHT).  DHT is the primary sex steroid in men, and at the androgen receptor it possesses about 3x greater binding affinity than Testosterone itself!  In other words, it's very potent. 


What are the benefits of taking a DHT prohormone?


DHT can increase lipolysis, so fat loss is not uncommon with products like Stanodex. 


DHT is shown to suppress Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG), which promotes auxiliary anabolism through increased levels of circulating, un-bound Testosterone.  Reduced SHBG also cuts levels of estrogens and subsequent estrogen expression.


Epiandrosterone and its metabolites like DHT do not aromatize into estrogens.  This special quality is by virtue of their 5a-reduced structure.  This means that the typical steroidal side-effects like gyno, water retention, etc..are rarely encountered.  Athletes who are sensitive to the estrogenic effects of hormones will obviously have greater appreciation for these qualities, but those prone to androgenic sides may require add-on supplements like prostate or hair protectors.


Reduced androgens are particularly effective at promoting increased strength and muscular hardness.  These effects allows for heavier lifting, and heavier lifting allows for breaking of plateaus and new personal advancement. 


Reduced androgens are also renowned for their ability to increase vascular tone without water retention, giving muscles that "road map" vascularity when flexed.


Epiandrosterone is a reputed pheromone in humans.  Men wearing it or ingesting it report positive responses from women, and also report receiving extra respect from other men.  In addition to its pheromone activity, users also experience heighten sexual desire, with no compromise to libido or reproductive function.


What about toxicity?


Epiandrosterone is not a synthetic or methylated compound, so no transaminase elevation or related hepatotoxicity is to be anticipated. 


What about shut-down?


By general consensus, the testicular suppression resulting from use of Epiandrosterone is mild, assuming the duration of use is reasonably conservative.  Nevertheless, It is strongly recommended that a moderate, yet complete PCT be considered after a full cycle at maximum suggested dose.  PCT not only encourages equilibration of the HPTA, it is widely observed to help solidify gains while the whole body rebalances.