MASS-XT 90ct

MASS-XT 90ct

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Mass-XT is the new and advanced weight gainer from Platinum Nutra.  It's designed to build muscle and strength naturally, through increased protein synthesis and glycogenic mechanisms.  Few other products can match the synergistic effectiveness of Mass-XT.


Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng Root)


Adaptogenic Steroidal Ginsenosides


Panax Ginseng is arguably the best endurance-promoting adaptogen in the world.  It is so energizing that some users experience insomnia when used too close to bedtime, so try to take it early.  Ginseng is also effective at reversing adrenal burnout from heavy stim use, and correcting the adrenal imbalance that can occur from high daily stress.


Based on its reputation as an aphrodisiac, some mistakenly assume that Ginseng is only useful as a sexual performance enhancer.  However, this adaptogen provides a number of other benefits, such as:  Reduced stress and fatigue, increased immune function, improved mental clarity and a heightened sense of well-being.   In other words, it gives a unique sense of body confidence and puts you in a good mood.


However, the area where Ginseng truly shines is related to endurance.  For the first time user, this effect may start to become apparent after a few sets.  That's when you realize, you're performing too many extra reps and the weights feel light, so you slap on some extra plates and blow it off as placebo.  Still, in the back of your mind you suspect it may be real, because those extra weights don't lie.  Then it becomes undeniably obvious that it's not just placebo when you look at the clock and it's way past your normal training time!  Delayed fatigue keeps you in the gym working longer and heavier, and more work means more results. 


We love to see customers setting new PRs, it's the reason we made Mass-XT, but please try not to over-train if you're new to Panax Ginseng!


Momordica charantia (Bitter Melon Extract)


Glycogenic Super-Fruit


Bitter Melon is a fruit extract with good hypoglycemic activity.  Induction of hypoglycemia is useful for athletes because it promotes efficient glucose utilization which enhances glycogen synthesis.  Increased glycogen stores result in fuller, harder muscles, and also the extra energy needed to power through tough workouts. 


When carb loading for competitive events, ingredients like Bitter Melon are extremely good at filling up the liver and muscles with glycogen.  Herbal hypoglycemics are not as effective as real insulin of course, but they are much safer, more convenient, and they do work.


Low-carb diets can also benefit from Bitter Melon, by supporting a ketogenic state and elevating growth hormones that keep you anabolic during periods of carbohydrate restriction.


5-Androsten-3b-ol-17-one (Dehydroepiandrosterone / DHEA)


Versatile Corticometric Steroid Hormone


DHEA is a natural steroid hormone which is biosynthesized predominately in the adrenals.  Blood levels are relatively high in adolescence but begin to decline rapidly in young adulthood.  It is commonly used to promote bone density, support lean muscle mass and hardness, alleviate depression, encourage libido, improve immune function, and sooth inflammatory conditions without the need for catabolic corticoids.  Decades of research are available to support the utility of DHEA in these applications, and all these applications can be particularly pertinent to athletes. For example, supraphysiological doses of DHEA increase serum levels of several anabolic androgens.  These androgens include the once popular but now scheduled steroid Androstenedione, and conjugated metabolites of DHT like Androsterone.  However, concentrations of undesirable hormones like Cortisol and Aldosterone appear unaffected by DHEA administration.  


But what about estrogen?  Most bros on the internet say DHEA is estrogenic!


In reality, increases in estrogen (E1 and E2), DHT and Testosterone are statistically non-existent, except in women where Testosterone levels can be significantly elevated over their already low baseline.


How does DHEA possesses all these positive attributes with high oral dosing, but doesn't suppress adrenal or testicular axis?


To understand this, we must turn to the field of Endocrinology known as Intracrinology.  Basically, all enzymes needed to convert DHEA into androgens are expressed in a cell-specific fashion in the peripheral target tissues.  This allows the androgen-sensitive tissues like muscle to use DHEA locally, and control the intracellular concentrations of these newly formed androgens on-site.  This means that oral supplementation with exogenous DHEA enables regulated production of androgens, only in appropriate target tissues, without leakage of significant amounts of metabolites into the general circulation. This local/intracrine action minimizes the inappropriate exposure of other tissues to androgens, virtually eliminating the risk of undesirable systemic effects such as testicular shut-down.

But besides the utility of DHEA as an androgen precursor in target tissue, research has also noted an inverse relationship between cardiovascular mortality and plasma DHEA levels in men.  This anti-atherogenic action, and reduction in vascular dysfunction is very intriguing.   It is commonly believed that estrogen is "heart-healthy" but that androgens are not, so how can this be?  In endothelial cells, DHEA is demonstrated to increase the expression of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and the subsequent secretion of nitric oxide (NO), which is commonly known to regulate the vascular system in a positive way for athletes.  NO products are quite abundant these days, and everyone seems to love the pump that NO boosters provide, but DHEA has it all.  It offers the positive cardiovascular pump and skeletal benefits of estrogens, plus the muscle-enhancing properties of androgens, without the elevated blood levels or side effects of either.


DHEA is also generally observed to decrease Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) and increase IGF-1 levels in the blood.  These are both highly desirable effects because they discourage feedback suppression and promote additional growth.  Another encouraging observation is that hCG treatment increases intratesticular DHEA concentrations.  This makes a strong argument for the steroidogenic action of DHEA, rather than any suppressive potential, but this is not yet fully characterized.  In addition to these peripheral steroidogenic effects, DHEA may also promote central steroidogenic processes by interaction with the NMDA receptor.  This is only speculation because LH studies with consistent results in healthy men are hard to find.


So what's the practical potential of DHEA?


In the gym (real world) DHEA can be expected to promote muscular density and hardness after just a few days of use.  This rapid response seems related to its notable insulinomimetic activity, which is crucial to the anabolic effect of androgens.  It also works well in practically any stack, and doesn't induce any discernable estrogenic or corticogenic sides.  On paper, HPTA suppression may be possible.  However, it has never actually been observed by this author in himself or any other athlete and is therefore considered extremely unlikely.


5a-Androst-2-en-17-one (2-Androstenone / Delta-2)


Anabolic Adrenal Metabolite and Pheromone


Delta-2 (D2) is a legal, natural metabolite of DHEA.  It is found in human sweat, and is believed to possess complex pheromone activity in man.  Pheromones have been referred to as 'odorless smells', because they are only detected on a subconscious level.  Nevertheless, their effects can be profound and immediate, influencing primal mechanisms like fear, aggression, trust, mate choice, etc.. 


D2 is not a true steroid by classical definition because it lacks a functional group at the 3-position of its Alpha ring.  In spite of this, it still seems to possess a useful amount of endocrine potential.  Once ingested, D2 is believed to convert into the active metabolite 2-Androstenol.   According to Vida, this metabolite is more anabolic than Testosterone itself, and it's structure is reminiscent of some very popular products that were banned many years ago.  But unlike those older products, D2 and its metabolites are unscheduled, all natural, and non-methylated.  We've seen no reports of overt toxicity, and have no reason based on our research to anticipate any.


Users report steady gains that begin slowing and then increase exponentially after the first week or so.  On the other hand, its pheromone activity seems to exert its effect more rapidly, helping to create an aura of distinction that men respect and women desire.


D2 seems to stack exceptionally well with DHEA, which is no surprise considering it's a DHEA metabolite, so we included DHEA in Mass-XT at the ratio found to be most synergistically efficient. 


As always, it is likely that this ingredient will be vilified in professional circles.  Therefore, if you are a competitive athlete, we recommend that you check first with your organization before use.


Vanadyl Sulfate


Insulinomimetic Trace Mineral


Vanadium is a natural element, and important trace mineral in human physiology.  Like Bitter Melon, it possesses impressive hypoglycemic properties that make it attractive to anti-diabetic researchers.


But bodybuilders have already known about its benefits for decades.  It's not just hypoglycemic, it's truly insulinomimetic.  That means it can literally substitute for the effects of insulin, making it an excellent synergist to boost weaker hypoglycemics like Bitter Melon.


Does Vanadyl really work?  I heard it was bunk, and probably even toxic.


We don't incorporate the opinions of bro science advisers here, so we can only speculate as to why unsupported toxicity rumors persist.  Instead, we invite the reader to look for themselves, and please report back to us if any scientifically documented reports of toxicity can be located.  We'd even be interested to hear a single anecdotal report from anybody, because we just can't find any, aside from mild gastrointestinal complaints from people using doses far exceeding those found in Mass-XT.


What we do find to be accurate about Vanadyl is its awesome results.  After you try it, the effects usually begin to present within the first 24-48hrs.  Muscles appear distinctly fuller, and feel much harder than normal.   Then the perpetual pump ensues, making you feel tight and look swole pretty much 24/7 until supplementation ends.   But benefits may persist even after that.  There are several studies noting that benefits of Vanadyl can endure, long after supplementation is terminated.  This kind of protracted activity strongly suggests that vanadyl works to ameliorate underlying pre-diabetic mechanisms, repairing them before they can fully manifest into diseases later.  Theoretically, this benefit may become semi- permanentized with enough treatments, much like the phenomena of permanent estrogen reduction seen with prior use of certain aromatase inhibitors.