Antiestrol 60ml

Antiestrol 60ml

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Antiestrol is a dual, estrogen and cortisol controlling product from Platinum Nutra. It was created with fat reduction in mind and is useful on a cut, bulking cycle, or in PCT.  It's strong enough to use solo, but versatile enough to be stacked with many other complementary products.


Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione  (Arimistane)


Potent Aromatase Inhibitor and Corticometric


Arimistane is an endogenous metabolite of DHEA, and could be viewed as the 3-Deoxygenated version of another metabolite called 7-Keto-DHEA.  It acts as a relatively potent aromatase inhibitor (AI) and moderate cortisol antagonist.   That means it will reduce estrogen and cortisol, which eliminates a source of negative feedback that normally acts to limit testosterone production.  But with these pathways shutdown, and a steady lowering of SHBG in response, this induces an endocrine situation that blows the door wide open to greatly enhanced testosterone biosynthesis AND increased free testosterone levels as well.  


With testosterone levels up, muscle mass improves and recovery is faster.  With free-testosterone up, libido is usually exaggerated.  This effect on sex drive is relatively persistent, but often most dramatic in the initial half of treatment. 


Also, with estrogen levels and cortisol expression down, fat stores are burned and the metabolism is not well suited for making new stores.  This can have its drawback though, and some users report joint pains with cortisol and estrogen down.  Men require a certain, minimal level of estrogen to maintain libido, which is another good reason not to get greedy with the dosing.  Both joint pain and low sexual desire are side effects almost never encountered, except with excessive dosing.  Reducing dose to the recommended level almost always solves such problems promptly.  


Although Arimistane is a natural and legal compound, ingredients this effective are usually subject to eventual sports ban.  It is therefore always recommended that competitive athletes check the rules of their specific organization before use.


25R-Spirostan-3b,5a-diol-6-one  (5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin)


Steroidal Sapogenin


5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin (or just Laxogenin for short) is an all-natural phytosterol which has been shown to possess notable anabolic activity.  While several popular sterols are known to have athletic benefits, and many others are suspected to have anabolic effects, Laxogenin is documented as the real deal.


It is generally regarded as not as strong as anabolic steroids, but still impressively potent for a plant sterol.  Respectable gains are usually achieved with its use and strength is reported to sometimes increase rapidly.


It is not known to cause liver issues like some synthetic compounds can, and tested athletes are generally not prohibited from using plant sterols such as Laxogenin.


Clinical testing has revealed that Laxogenin can increase protein synthesis by several times over average values, which is great for repair, recovery and lean tissue growth in general.


Laxogenin tends to balance cortisol, which helps to prevent muscle wasting during periods of caloric restriction and also discourages fat gain and immune dysfunction.  Even with these notable corticometric effects, users state that their joints are none the worse for it.  In fact, the majority experience alleviation of pre-existing joint problems!  This is significant, because practically every other anti-cortisol product on the market tends to dry joints out, especially at higher doses.


Other desirable qualities of Laxogenin are reported to be positive blood glucose regulation, and increased metabolism and thyroid function.


Most of the scientific information on Laxogenin seems legit and very encouraging, but it is mainly obtained from manufacturers and from an old 1970's publication in the journal Phytochemistry.  Besides a handful of additional references, little else is known about this exciting new compound.  However, user feedback cannot be ignored and is overwhelmingly positive, so we decided to make the best Laxogenin product available - Laxobol.


Abieta-8,11,13-triene-18-oic acid  (Dehydroabietic Acid)


Glucose Regulating and Endocrine Modulating Diterpene


Terpenoids are resinous acids found throughout the plant kingdom.  They account for a wide group of useful medicinal compounds.  Dehydroabietic Acid (DA) is proving to be one of those compounds, with some very interesting properties.  One of these properties is its strong ability to activate certain Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated nuclear Receptors (PPARs). 


One of these is PPAR-alpha, which promotes the uptake and utilization of fatty acids.  This is likely a major factor in the ability of DA to lower triglyceride levels, and this mechanism helps to account for it's useful fat burning effects.


It is also a potent PPAR-gamma ligand, which lowers blood lipids and blood sugar levels too.  This enhanced PPAR-gamma activation appears to be enabled by the suppression of a cytokine called Tissue Necrosis Factor-Alpha (TNF-a).  TNF-a is an important biological signaling molecule, necessary for robust Th1 immune response.  Unfortunately, there are times when TNF-a not only supports immunity, but also acts as a limiting influence on growth, inducing cachexia and discouraging anabolism.  But with TNF-a temporarily impaired, PPAR-gamma stimulation from DA can decrease the inflammatory process and shift the immune environment back on the side of growth.


DA also demonstrates potential as an anti-estrogen in some models, with potent aromatase inhibiting properties similar to Arimistane.  This combination of DA and Arimistane likely results in potent synergism by competition for estrogenic substrates, boosting their over-all benefit.